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A project like this thrives on the feedback from its users. The lists below offer a means for you to get involved, share your experiences, and shape the project. Feel free to join the lists, contribute, lurk, watch, learn, and have a good time.

Please: If you have a question, please remember to read the FAQ and search the archives to see if you can answer it on your own before posting.

The MarkMail Announce List

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This list is for official announcements only. Subscribe if you'd like to know when new things happen with the site. This list is moderated and only members of the MarkMail team can post.

The MarkMail Discuss List

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This is the water cooler discussion board for the site. Issues related to functionality, usability, and direction of the project take place here. You have to be a member to post, to reduce spam. We anticipate low to medium traffic. If you'd like to kibitz with the creators of the site, sign up.

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